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EE 315 ELECTRONICS I READING LIST Physics of Semiconductor Devices A.1- A.7 Semiconductor Physics 3.3 Diode Physics 5.5 Photodiode, LED Diode V-I Characteristics 3.2 Graphical Load Line 3.6 Diode Equivalent Circuit Diode Circuits 4.1 Transfer Characteristic 4.2 Clipper/ Limiter 4.3 Rectifiers 4.4 Power Supply, AM Transistors and Transistor Circuits A.8 Physics of Transistors 5.1 Load Line 5.2.7 Transconductance 5.3 BJT Structure 5.2 FET Structure 6.1 Inverter 5.4 Upward Slope for V-I Characteristics 5.5 Phototransistor 5.7 Power Limitations of Device Operation Digital Circuits
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Unformatted text preview: 6.4 Operation in the Digital Regime 14.1 Fundamentals of Digital Circuits 14.4 TTL Logic Family 14.2 CMOS Logic Family Digital Integrated Circuit Applications 15.1 Sequential Logic Circuits 15.2 555 Timer Operational Amplifiers 2.1 IC Op-Amp 2.2 Simplified Op-Amp Model 2.3 Ideal Op-Amp 2.4 Op-Amp Circuits 2.5 Nonlinear Op-Amp Circuits 2.6 Nonideal Op-Amp Properties Analog-to-Digital Interface 15.4.1 Digital-to-Analog Conversion 15.4.2 Sample-and-Hold 15.4.3 Analog-to-Digital Conversion 3-Terminal Circuits 6.2 Voltage-Follower Configuration 6.3 Current-Follower Configuration...
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