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FIRST P-SPICE ASSIGNMENT Due March 14, 2005 (25 points) Create a P-SPICE file for a series combination of DC Voltage source, 1 k resistor, and 1N4148 diode. The cathode of the diode should be grounded and the resistor positioned between the anode of the diode and the positive terminal of the battery. a) Use Analysis/Setup to establish a DC linear sweep using default model parameters for -110V V +10V in increments of 0.01V. Plot the I-V characteristic of the diode by using the Trace setup to add the diode current to the plot output. Be sure that the voltage plotted is the voltage across only the diode and not the diode plus resistor, which is usually the default voltage. b) Reset voltage limits to -0.5V V +10V (or rerun P-SPICE with these limits). From this graph, determine the “average resistance” and AC resistance at 0.5mA and 5mA. Include the plots with estimates and calculations. (Average resistance at 5mA = V(at 5mA)/0.005A or
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