PSpice2 - Problem Statement Friday April 15 EE 332...

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Friday April 15 EE 332 Semiconductor Devices Second PSpice Assignment Problem Statement Using the circuit which you created for the first PSpice project, change the source to a voltage pulse which switches from + 5V to -5V, pulse width of 0.02ms, period of 0.04ms, rise and fall times of 0.1 ns and 0 delay. Use three traces on a single plot (i.e. use the multiple plots function) with an abscissa from 0 to 80 ns to plot the following variables: a) the input voltage, b) the voltage across the diode, and c) the current through the diode. Circuit Transit Output
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Question 1 Identify the steady state forward bias region and read the forward voltage and current. V f =0.66 V I=4.4 mA Question 2 When the supply voltage switches from forward to reverse bias does the voltage across the diode change instantaneously? Why did, or why did not it change when the supply voltage changed polarity. No, because storage charge acts like a capacitor and the voltage across a capacitor cannot change instantaneously without an infinite
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PSpice2 - Problem Statement Friday April 15 EE 332...

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