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CheckPoint: Developing a Thesis Statement Thesis Statement: People should not get better opportunities just because they are a minority because giving more opportunities to minorities is giving less to those that are not minorities. How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments? I will have a very hard time supporting this thesis. This really is my opinion. However, most of the information you will find on this subject is either completely for it, or their opinions are based on not wanting minorities to have more benefits than they do. My opinion is that if we are all to be equal, then minorities should not be treated better. I am a minority. I am a female and I am Mexican (well, half). I
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Unformatted text preview: would like to be a bit candid in my paper and say what I really mean, however, this subject will take a lot of finesse on my part. I will have to use facts to support my true views. I am continuing to scan the internet for opinions that come close to mine, but have yet to find anything good. I would like to show that Affirmative Action is not a bad thing. We needed it very badly when equal rights was new to us. However, we are in a different time and people are a lot more accepting of our melting pot we call home. This is how I plan to do my paper. I am not against Affirmative Action, I just do not believe we still have a need for it....
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