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Discussion Question Two How does the author of A Nation Apart organize information to build his argument? He seems to organize his information by giving you bad news, then good news, then bad and so forth. I loved how he gave you both sides of the story. The good and the bad information are presented in a non confrontational way. He gives his opinions with the support of facts. I love when authors do that. Does he include any counterarguments? Why or why not? Yes, he includes a couple in the first few paragraphs. He explains how everyone doubts China and yet, China has risen above any hardship that has com its way. He pretty much states that there is nothing they won’t get through.
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Unformatted text preview: What kinds of statistics, graphs, or illustrations does the author include? He uses one picture of people in an unemployment line. This is very significant since the unemployment line is everyone’s last resort. He uses statistics to show the rise and fall of the economy and explains how some see it as a good sign and others do not. In what ways do these visuals strengthen the author’s arguments? The picture strengthens the argument by giving the reader some emotion towards the Chinese. We want them to do well while reading this article. You want to cheer them on. The photo encourages us to want them out of that line and back into normal lives....
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