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CheckPoint: Research Paper Revision What feedback did you receive from the CWE, your peer reviewer, and your instructor? I have received wonderful feedback from my peer reviewer, the CWE and especially, my instructor. My instructor gave me ideas to better my thesis in the very beginning of the course. This was the most helpful feedback I have received. It helped me to decide what elements of my topic were the strongest arguments. It gave me a very easy lifting off point and I am very grateful for that. The hardest part of writing any essay, for me, is deciding where to start. Without my instructor’s feedback, I may still have a silly thesis that does not cover the real basis of my essay. My peer reviewer enjoyed my paper and said they would love to read the final draft. This helped me to realize that I am on the right track. My peer reviewer also gave me some advice to add in more details about what people are FOR the continued use of Affirmative Action. This idea had not occurred to me. I list the history and impact of Affirmative Action,
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Unformatted text preview: but fail to deliver any information on what people, today, still feel that affirmative action is necessary. I assumed that readers would realize that the people that are still FOR affirmative action are people that feel they need affirmative action. The CWE is always very helpful in the grammar department. It also helps me to see how my essay could flow better and shows me if I have quoted and cited correctly. It is not much help with my references page, but continues to help with the body of my essay. Explain what feedback you will incorporate and what feedback you will not incorporate into your paper. Include a rationale for your choices. I have used and will continue to use the feedback from the sources listed above. I enjoyed and appreciate all the feedback I have received. I know that all of the feedback I have received thus far has been useful and credible. I have watched my paper go from something I dreaded to something I will be proud of....
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