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CheckPoint Modern Challenges in Immigration It is hard to determine if the United States should favor certain kinds of immigrants. If I say that the U.S. should favor certain immigrants, it would be discriminating, however, if I say that we shouldn’t favor, we could be letting less desirable characters into our country. I assume that the U.S. conducts background checks, and criminal records are the only “less desirable” characteristics I would consider valid. Since background checks are probably done on each applicant, I don’t think that the U.S. should favor any immigrants. I would, personally, favor Europeans for the sole purpose that Europe is kind of America’s homeland. I think that it would be kind of the U.S. to give preference to the most needy and oppressed immigrants. However, I do not know how well this would be for the economy. The needy immigrants may be willing to work longer hours for less money. If favor were given to these people, it could send the economy into a downward spiral. The richer people would help
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