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United States-Centric Views Comparison In the United States Centric Views assignment, I found that the opinions, similarities and differences were very interesting. Mine and my friends’ answers are very similar. We agreed on most of the main points. Both stated that Muslims were seen as violent and oppressive to women. They were different in some ways, but not many. My friend felt that both groups had women as homemakers and I felt that, as a stereotype, women would be more expected NOT to work by the Muslim and Arab communities. My friend and I felt that there were several descriptors that could be used for both groups. We both agreed that both groups were family oriented and had flexible moral values. We differed on many descriptors in this column. I felt that both groups were governed by biblical law, while my friend felt that both groups were well-educated. I think that the descriptor “modest dress” is accurate for women in the Muslim and Arab communities if the individual decides to stay with their culture. I also feel that, in their home
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