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CheckPoint: Legislative Legacy The president himself held a conference in Washington. Over 500 tribal leaders were invited and more than 400n attended. The president shocked his audience by signing a memorandum insisting that Cabinet heads must supply a plan for to better Native American consultation within 90 days. This conference identified and addressed several tribal issues for a lot of regions. Obama went so far as promise to help with violence against Native Americans. The attending tribe leaders were very happy about the positive steps taken on Obama’s part to get issues opened up for conversation. Many felt that Obama was
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Unformatted text preview: fulfilling his promises to better the Native American situation as promised while he was running for presidency. I do not think that there is a legislation linked to this issue. I think that this is not so much an issue as an event. This is history in the making. We have a president who has finally addressed what he promised and is making huge steps in the right direction. For once, good news made the news. Even the Native Americans who attended this conference said that they were a part of history. This is actually a huge deal. The president acknowledged as many Native American issues as he could....
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