Hispanic American Cultural Diversity

Hispanic American Cultural Diversity - Hispanic American...

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H i s p a n i c A m e r i c a n D i v e r s i t y | 1 Hispanic American Cultural Diversity Mariah Chavez Axia of the University of Phoenix Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Salvadoran Americans are very similar in many ways; however, each has established its own cultures, traditions, economic and, social statuses. Many Hispanic Americans have similar reasoning for immigrating to the United States, but each is different in its own way. The United States has always been slow to accept new arrivals into the
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H i s p a n i c A m e r i c a n D i v e r s i t y | 2 U.S. but some cultures have successfully established tolerance from its residents. The largest similarity that these cultures share is their native language: Spanish. There are many different dialects and origins of this language but Hispanics are typically categorized as one due to the language they commonly speak. Most of the individuals from each of these cultures tend to value their family connections above all else. However, these relationships and foundations seem to take on changes when the individuals immigrate to America. American culture can sometimes have an effect on these Hispanic cultures, but it seems that some of these cultures are developing an effect on America. Mexican Americans Mexican Americans seem to want what all immigrants tend to want from the United States; the American Dream. Mexicans are sometimes known for their close family ties. In the Mexican heritage, nothing is more important than supporting and raising a family. Religion is of very large importance to this culture and helps to keep the family ties strong. The majority of Mexican Americans are Roman Catholic but later generations can sometimes move on to different faiths that may be more mainstream in the American societies. Due to poor educational systems and discrimination, Mexicans have not assimilated as well as some other Hispanic cultures have (Alba, 2006). The United States has been more discriminatory toward Mexicans
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Hispanic American Cultural Diversity - Hispanic American...

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