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CheckPoint - today would rather have the ambulatory...

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CheckPoint: Ambulatory Care Due to medical advancements and increasing costs, many health care services or procedures have moved from the inpatient hospital setting to the outpatient ambulatory care setting. What are the main purposes of ambulatory care? Do you think ambulatory care is changing society’s view on health care? Why or why not? How can its services improve? The main purpose of ambulatory care is to provide care to patients on an outpatient basis. This includes hospitals, emergency departments, family planning centers and urgent care centers. I think that ambulatory care is changing society’s view of health care because people do NOT need to stay cooped up in a tiny room and wait for results. They can simply wait at home. Most people appreciate ambulatory care for this very reason. When you are admitted to an inpatient hospital, your condition is typically bad enough to merit this. Society is now realizing that we do not have to pay the expensive inpatient fees in order to get the care we desire. A lot of patients
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Unformatted text preview: today would rather have the ambulatory atmosphere for all of their health care needs. It is less costly and more convenient for our modern day fast paced lifestyles. I believe that we could see some improvements within the ambulatory services provided. People should not have to worry about how they are going to pay for their treatments before they even receive them. Most improvements that I would suggest for the services provided by health care centers have to do with the cost of the care. I think that ambulatory care, as a whole, is very sufficient the way that it is today. The cost of health care can be overwhelming. However, the services provided are typically preferable especially when compared to its’ alternative (being admitted and incurring more financial debt). The way that ambulatory care operates seems to help cut down medical bills....
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