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Discussion Question Two Describe at least two advantages to having a solo practice. Describe at least two benefits of having a group practice. Are there any disadvantages to having a group practice? What are the disadvantages to having a solo practice? Advantages to Solo Practice: The advantages to a solo practice are that you are your own boss. You have no one to answer in your own office. You create your own schedule and hire your own staff. You have the opportunity to have better relationships with your patients. Disadvantages to Solo Practice: The disadvantages to a solo practice are that you’re solely responsible for everything in your office, including all bills and products. You have to be in your office every day that you are open. You do not have the opportunity to take a sick day if you are ill or even go on vacation. Your patients cannot seek second opinions within your office; they
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Unformatted text preview: will pay another office for this. Advantages to Group Practice: There are many perks to working in a group practice. You can take vacations and sick days. You would have the option of having someone cover for you if you need to take some time away from work (on some days, of course.) Your patients can seek second opinions within your network of doctors. You a have a lower cost of everything since you are not the sole provider for your practice. Disadvantages to Group Practice: The disadvantages of a group practice are that if a lawsuit should occur, all doctors in the office could be held accountable regardless of their involvement. You may have to cover other doctor’s shifts if they were to take any kind of leave of absence. You do not get to choose what days you work. You may also have a superior (a boss)....
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