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Discussion Question One - however many of them are people...

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Discussion Question One As populations live longer due to medical technologies, the need for managing chronic diseases, associated disabilities, and mental health issues will increase. Long-term care services can meet those needs in a variety of settings. What are some of the long-term facilities in your community or state? Are there any essential services missing? If yes, what are they? If no, what services could be improved upon? What other health care services are offered in your community or state that are not long-term care services? In my community, we have several long term care facilities. This is mostly due to there being many senior citizen communities nearby. We have senior and long term care housing, low cost treatment facilities, community outreach programs, and many more. We have many nursing homes and hospice care centers as well as facilities for the disabled. Some of the people who find services her are seniors,
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Unformatted text preview: however many of them are people born with mental or physical disabilities. I don’t think we have any services missing from the care provided. However, I would like to see the cost of these services dropped dramatically. I would prefer these services to be NO cost rather than even LOW cost. Our community is a very tight knit one. We have services for every kind of person there is. The people of our community have always been very adamant about providing the best quality of life for all of its residence. From a medical stand point, we have centers that are committed to making sure everyone gets help with every problem imaginable. From a social stand point, we have exactly the same motivations. We have managed to create a beautiful community that caters to its residence, rather than the other way around. If you can’t tell, I love my community and everyone in it. They really do their best to people first, before anything else....
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