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Discussion Question Two

Discussion Question Two - prepared for your retirement or...

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Discussion Question Two What are three issues faced by the aging population that you believe to be a problem? Why do you see these as problems? Are there any agencies in your community that address these problems? If so, what are they? If not, why do you think they are not being addressed? How has the long-term health care system addressed aging populations in the past 50 years? One problem that aging populations must face is diminishing health. This is is problem because your body and senses become weakened over time. This leads to being uncomfortable while your body begins to age. Another problem is family and friends dying while you continue to age. This can have a serious effect on people especially when your emotions are more sensitive due to health issues. Older people may become depressed and even suicidal. A third problem is not being able to financially support yourself or your reoccurring medical bills. If you have not
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Unformatted text preview: prepared for your retirement or had financial difficulties, it is difficult to provide yourself with the things that you need as you age. Many times friends and family cannot afford to provide you with your financial needs. I do not know many places that help with these problems specifically. There are hospitals to help with health, counseling to help cope with death and low cost medical facilities to help with medical bills. We also have Medicaid through the Department of Social Services. Long term health care has widened its horizons of addressing these specific issues, but is not quite there just yet. You cannot give people their families back or magically make their health better. It is simply a fact of life that we age and eventually die. However, society does its best to help seniors cope with this reality....
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