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CheckPoint - What types of agencies or facilities would...

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CheckPoint: Mental Health Service Professions What are the professions you selected? I selected Psychologist and Social Worker for this assignment. I have always had an interest in Psychology and have a new found interest in Social Work (due to our assignment about Mrs. W). What type of training, level of education, or other qualifications are required for each profession? Psychologist: In order to become a Psychologist, you must attain either a master’s or doctoral degree in Psychology. A license is also required in order to practice.. Social Worker: To become a Social worker, you would need a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. Most positions call for more advanced degrees such as master’s and doctoral degrees. Also, to become a Social Worker, you must have some kind of license, registration or certification. You should contact your state to determine which they require in your state.
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Unformatted text preview: What types of agencies or facilities would employ your selected professions? Psychologist: Once a Psychologist, you may choose to practice for several facilities. There are government facilities, health care services, private industries and elementary schools, secondary schools and universities. Some Psychologists employ themselves and work for their own private practice. Social Worker: Social Workers can expect to work in many of the same facilities as a Psychologist. There are several hospitals, government agencies, substance abuse clinics, schools and family health facilities that a Social Worker can work in. Private Practice is not as popular with Social workers as it is with Psychologists. Social Workers are hindered by the amount of help they can provide when working in a private practice....
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