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CheckPoint - is causing health care costs to increase...

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CheckPoint: The Costs of Health Care Identify and describe three causes for the increasing costs of health care. What impact does each of these causes have on society? 1. One cause for rising health care costs is the rising cost of technology to diagnose symptoms. Our technology is so advanced that it becomes very expensive. When medical facilities buy this equipment, they have to compensate for the dollars spent. They also must hire on more experienced technicians to operate the equipment. These technicians will have to be paid more for their work because they are more advanced. For society, this means advancement in technology. This will help us to be able to diagnose earlier and treat better. This will help more of the population live longer and happier. 2. Another cause is the massive growth in populations. We seem to have more births than deaths which
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Unformatted text preview: is causing health care costs to increase. Having more people to treat means that it costs more money to treat and house them. This affects society by making hospitals more crowded and causes more job opportunities for hospital personnel. 3. People today are living longer. This causes health care costs to increase since most of the elderly are not extremely healthy. They need care for longer and their need for care increases exponentially towards the later part of their lives. Society has a lot more senior communities to help the elderly live comfortably. We have low income health care plans for seniors. Society does not want to see our seniors live uncomfortably through their last days....
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