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Discussion Question Two In what ways do health care expenses affect an economy? Health expenses drastically affect the economy because many people cannot afford these costs. You cannot afford NOT to go see a doctor when your health is poor. You have to go. So you have to put yourself into debt. What are the economic advantages to government involvement in health care? If the government took on the cost of health care, it would supply us with more money to spend on goods and this would increase the economy all the way around the board. I believe that a lot of countries have government funded health care. Most of them are not in an economic crisis right now. What are the economic disadvantages? The government would probably be “stingy” with the care they would provide. You would have to have
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Unformatted text preview: proof of your illness in order to receive treatment for it. This would mean a LOT of tests. I think it would be worth it, though. What are some ways of curbing the negative impact of rising health care costs on an economy? The only way we could curb the negative impact of rising health care costs is to create a new health care system. Health care plans should provide services for every kind of person. They should provide MORE services. If our health care costs go up, we should receive more benefits in return. They should make more people eligible for health care and cover more family members....
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