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ABOUT JOIN OR GIVE PUBLICATIONS EVENTS POSTINGS Community Planning Disaster Planning Economic Development Good Government Housing Regional Planning Sustainable Development Transportation Search Advanced Search And get the Urbanist in your mailbox every month. All members receive 11 issues of the Urbanist and admission to over 100 events. Publications > Policy Paper Library > Article [ print text only ] [ print text and images ] ARTICLE This article appeared in the November/December 2007 issue of the Urbanist. The Northern California Megaregion It's time to start solving problems at the scale of the megaregion To see the maps of the Northern California megaregion, click here . The United States population is projected to grow by more than 45 percent in the next half-century. The total population today of more than 303 million will surpass 400 million before 2050. 1 Unlike Europe and Japan, we face the question of where our growing population will go. In an era when people distrust government, dislike taxes and in many cases are opposed to growth itself, how will we provide the infrastructure to enable a continued high quality of life for a country that will be much larger than it is today? Demographic trends suggest that America's growth will be clustered, virtually all of it going to 10 to 12 large "megaregions" of the country. Other parts of the country will actually lose population. A group of civic organizations, think tanks, universities and public agencies, led by the Regional Plan Association of New York, has been working over the last several years to lay the foundations for a proactive planning approach to the country's growth. Under the name America 2050, this group of organizations is creating a national framework or approach to guiding the country's physical evolution. 2 The RPA has identified 10 megaregions in the United States. One of the megaregions is in Northern California. SPUR has initiated conversations with the University of California, the Bay Area Council, the Great Valley Center and others about the future of Northern California. This region of 14 million people is projected to add at least 10 million more people by 2050. How we plan for and accommodate that growth is the defining question for urban planning in Northern California today. Whether we become a series of interconnected and sustainable cities ringed by greenbelts or a continuous blanket of urban sprawl between the coasts and the Sierra will be defined by the actions we take over the coming years. This paper looks at the idea of a megaregion in Northern California - one of the nation's most important and economically dynamic megaregions. In it, we explore: > The historic relationships that have defined the region. > Evidence of increasing Northern California integration.
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SPUR | The Northern California Megaregion - ABOUT JOIN OR...

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