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SQ3R - A Reading and Study Skill System SURVEY - gather the information necessary to focus and formulate goals. Read the title - help your mind prepare to receive the subject at hand. Read the introduction and/or summary - orient yourself to how this chapter fits the author's purposes, and focus on the author's statement of most important points. Notice each boldface heading and subheading - organize your mind before you begin to read - build a structure for the thoughts and details to come. Notice any graphics - charts, maps, diagrams, etc. are there to make a point - don't miss them. Notice reading aids - italics, bold face print, chapter objective, end-of -chapter questions are all included to help you sort, comprehend, and remember. QUESTION - help your mind engage and concentrate. One section at a time, turn the boldface heading into as many questions as you think will be answered in that section. The better the questions, the better your comprehension is likely to be. You may always add further questions as you proceed. When your mind is
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