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week 4 homework - who should administer and enforce such...

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1. In 2002 President Bush proposed a 30% tariff on most steel sold in the U.S. by foreign companies for 3 years. EU which had about 37%of steel affected by the tariff threatened actions along with a few other countries. In 2003 the WTO determined that the U.S. had acted illegally and authorized the EU and 6 other companies to impose trade sanctions on the U.S. 2. Should there be some sort of international regulation of steel imports and exports? If so
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Unformatted text preview: who should administer and enforce such regulations. Yes; and the WTO should vote on a representative from each country to come up regulations and vote on them and they should administer them with only answering to the WTO. All countries in NATO should have a representative....
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