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Culture Activity Today in society, we live our lives through material and nonmaterial cultures. While doing this project, I found out that there were many different cultural things that my group and I had in common. Even though we all had the same material aspects of our culture, it is seen through different points of views. For Instance, on my material list I had; chopsticks, rice, jade, holy rosary and adding on to that is Dry Cleaners and Nail salons. In the Vietnamese culture first lessons in social manners is the way we eat. Putting food in your mouth with your fingers is viewed as an ill-mannered, rather animal-like act. And our ancestors from years ago created this neat piece of utensil from bamboo sticks since it was hard to create a spoon or a fork. Another material that is fundamental to my everyday life style is rice. I eat rice almost every day because it’s what our Asian culture was born with. Another thing that gives me a sense
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Unformatted text preview: of self and identity is Jade. Jade is considered to be nature's tranquilizer, a stone which helps us to be more claim and relaxed. It opens intuitive and psychic abilities. In Chinese, Feng Shui believed jade to have the power to bring you good luck, ward off evil spirits and keep demons away. All of these Material things help me become a member of my cultural community. There are also Non- Material things that I keep my culture alive. For instance, Sunday masses and Asian youth groups. The differences that I and my teammates had were that one loves to have new Kicks and loves to watch basketball here. A non- Material thing that we did was that one was a soccer player and another give kissing on each side of the cheeks since my partner was...
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