Dimensioning Rules

Dimensioning Rules - 3. Don’t dimension to hidden lines....

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Dimensioning rules: Please note that any rule can be broken with a good enough reason. These are more like guidelines. Following these rules results in good dimensioning practices and therefore will be enforced on homework. The first rules is the most important and the rest all have roughly equal important. 1. Don’t overdefine or underdefine the object. 2. Dimension to the contour or shape of the feature. This means placing the dimension in the view where you can actually see the outline of the feature being dimensioned.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Don’t dimension to hidden lines. 4. Don’t dimension to object lines (model edges). Each dimension must be pulled away from the object and extension lines drawn from the feature to the dimension. 5. Don’t overlap a dimension and the model. Place dimensions away from the model’s surface. 6. Don’t cross extension lines if possible. 7. Group dimensions when possible unless it become difficult to read. 8. Place dimensions on the side of the view were adjacent views exist (for easy referencing)....
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