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M M E E 1 1 2 2 3 3 : : S OLID W ORKS L AB Winter 2010 Lab 3: Extrude 2-D Sketch to 3-D Object Once we have a fully defined sketch, we proceed to making it into a 3 dimensional solid object. Extrude Command: Table 4-1, page 107 1. Boss/Base: Add material using sketch as defining cross-section 2. Cut: Remove material using sketch as defining cross-section End Condition Name Results of Using End Condition Blind Extrusion distance is specified by the user. Through All Extrusion continues thought the entire part Up to Next Extrusion terminates at the next face encountered Up to Vertex Selected vertex or point dictates extrusion distance
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Unformatted text preview: Up to Surface Selected surface, face, or plane dictates extrusion distance Offset from Surface Extrusion terminates the specified distance either before or after the selected surface, face, or plane Up to body Selected body dictates the extrusion distance Mid Plane Extrudes equal amounts in opposite directions. Distance specified is the total distance of the extrusion. Extrude Tips: • If this is the first extrude, select the Mid-plane option. • Use the Blind option only if there is no other definition, i.e. surfaces, planes, points, through all, up to next, etc. • You can ALWAYS extrude in two directions Example: Lego Leg (Units in mm)...
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