Lab 7 - Ribs & Hole Wizard

Lab 7 - Ribs & Hole Wizard - o Pull Down...

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M M E E 1 1 2 2 3 3 : : S OLID W ORKS L AB Winter 2010 5/13/2010 The Rib command allows us to create thin features using closed or open sketches. This serves as a useful shortcut, especially when joining to curved surfaces. Rib Rules: Sketch must be offset from joining surface Sketch must be properly bounded o End-points o Joining Surface Once in the Rib command, specify defining features: o Rib thickness (either at sketch plane or at interface with wall) o Direction o Draft, if necessary Example: T-Bracket (Inches) R.30 TYP
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5/13/2010 Hole Wizard: Purpose: Allows for easier creation of counter-bore holes and counter-sunk holes (particularly if multiple holes are desired).
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Unformatted text preview: o Pull Down : Insert > Features > Hole > Wizard . o Feature Bar : Hole Wizard next to Draft and Linear Pattern • Procedure : o Select a face on which to place the hole(s). o Enter the Hole Wizard command. o Define the hole in the C ommand Manager s Type Tab – Select hole type and input appropriate dimensions s Position Tab – Position the hole(s) • Create sketch points at center points of desired hole(s) o When you click on the Position Tab, you will automatically be in the Point Tool. • Fully define the center point(s) by adding dimensions and constraints. o You must exit the Point Tool first. Example: Shelled Lego Body (units in mm)...
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Lab 7 - Ribs & Hole Wizard - o Pull Down...

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