Week 1 Practice Problems

Week 1 Practice Problems - You can not have infinitely thin...

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ME 123 Week 1 Practice 1. Explain what is meant by design intent. In class we discussed four ways to incorporate “design intent” into your model. Please use the figure to explain and illustrate at least three of these methods. 2. State 2 advantages of working with a solid modeler over 3D wireframe geometry. 3. What is a stereolithography file? What is it used for? 4. The wire frame model shown below is ambiguous. It could either represent several different solid models or different views of the same object. Free hand sketch or trace the figure to show three possible interpretations. Only show visible lines on your two sketches.
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Unformatted text preview: You can not have infinitely thin surfaces. Don’t change the orientation – just the way you are looking at it. 5. Sketch two possible cross-sections that could be extruded to form a base feature for each of the objects shown below. Indicate which would be the best choice for an initial profile. Then indicate on each best choice profile what would be the correct plane (top, front, right) to select when drawing that profile. Make sure that the cross-sections that you propose will create a representational base feature and minimize the number of additional features necessary to model the object....
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Week 1 Practice Problems - You can not have infinitely thin...

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