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NXT Robot Challenge Introduction NXT Mindstorms robot kits are self contained building tools that allows students to explore various aspects of engineering relatively quickly, easily and without any supplemental equipment other than a computer for programming. In this project students will involve working in teams to design and construct a Wii remote control pathfinder integrate a wireless camera and a Nintendo Wii remote with the LEGO robotics system. Educational Goals Provide students with hands on experience building a simple programmable robot. To demonstrate that design processes typically involve a multitude of skills and knowledge from many subject areas. Allow students to learn that in the real world there are not correct or incorrect solutions but ones that work well, others that don't work well, and many that don't work at all. Students will be able to see that several different solutions may work equally well. To familiarize students with the design process- from brainstorming, initial design, prototyping, testing, revising, to final production and competition. To allow students to experience the perilous designer/builder interface. To spark student’s interest in Science and Technology. To win some Money ($100 winners take all) References 1. Instruction Manual (comes with the kits) 2. Use those default programs and robot on the right in NXT program. It shows how to put robot together. 3. Basic Gear mechanics 4. http://www.philohome.com/nxt.htm (examples of NXT robots) 5. http://mynxt.matthiaspaulscholz.eu/ (examples of NXT robots) 6. http://www.techbricks.nl/My-NXT-projects/ (examples of NXT robots)
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7. http://www.teamhassenplug.org/NXT/ (tips on sensors and programming) Competition Guidelines The objective is to build a Wii remote controlled wireless remote camera assisted unmanned rover that can move across an obstacle course in the shortest time and able to pick up targets along the way with an onboard projectile. Students will control the rover from a remote location with a Wii remote while the robot roams around the obstacle course, relaying sorely on what it sees from the video camera. With the new version NXTcamera, rover will control itself and become completely autonomous. The pathfinder must be designed with proper gear ratio and traction so that it is able to climb ramp, cross climb stairs, turn corner and free itself from a sandpit. In addition, the pathfinder needs to be able find targets to shoot to score points and able to open gates and move around autonomously without getting stuck. For a specific floor plan, please refer to the Playing Field section. The contest is also subject to a few ground rules. Please follow them carefully before begin your design. Teams The team will consist of three or four members. Each member is responsible for a part of the design and construction. Great emphasis will be placed on teamwork. Evaluation of contribution from each team member will play a big part in the team’s final grade.
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NXT_intro - NXT Robot Challenge Introduction NXT Mindstorms...

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