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Program a simple pathfinder robot using RCX code (20%) Due at the start of class Monday week 8 Students must go through the training exercise provided by the NXT Robotics Invention System before begin the following exercise. Please perform the following functions *, - Program robot to go forward for 2.5 second and set the power at 7. (please check which output ports are connected to the motors) - Program robot to go backward in 3 seconds and set the power at 1 (can your robot move?) - Program robot to maneuver a 30 o turn (Surface roughness and battery power affect the power setting and time duration)
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Unformatted text preview: - Program robot to avoid obstacle in the left or right front direction and also in between the two tactile sensors -Program robot to halt the robot for 5 seconds when the light intensity reach 50%. -Program you robot to pick up a red ball when see the red ball either using camera or light sensor. If you have successfully perform the above procedures, you are 80% ready for the two programs you need to do for the competition. Please show your robot to your instructor or TA when the robot is ready....
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