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Robot Final Report Due Friday of Finals week Your team is responsible for composing a single group report that describes in detail your robot design. The audience of this report is the instructor/TA. The tone should be formal. The two main purposes for writing this report are (1) to document your robot design and (2) to demonstrate improved report writing skills (compared to the Rube Goldberg report). Grading will be stricter than your first report (the Rube Goldberg final report), so please be sure to use correct report format, edit unclear/wordy text, and proofread! Your report should contain graphs, tables drawings and equations that will clarify the text. You also need to make sure to reference all ideas, equations, figures or quotes that you take from other sources. Your group is acting as a sub-team within a larger design team. Therefore, the intended audience for the report is the larger design team. Your goal is to convey the results of your performance analysis, your prototype testing (i.e., your component test results), and your recommendations for the design of the robot machine. The usual standard for preparing a report like this is as follows: the reader should be able to reproduce your analysis and testing, and build the final design, without having to ask you any questions. (Note that the scenario of a sub-team performing work for a larger team, including reporting, is how Boeing designs jets and Microsoft writes software.) Report Format The technical report should be a professional document. Graphs, tables, and drawings should be used to clarify the text. The three main parts of a technical report are shown below in Figure 1: Figure 1 . Three Main Sections of a Final Report
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I. FRONT PAGES The front pages include the Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables. The page numbers are Roman (e.g., i, ii, iii, etc.) and there are no numbers on the cover page (although it is considered the first page).
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Robot_Final_Report - Robot Final Report Due Friday of...

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