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[ FORM 11 —Use the top of this page for your letterhead.] Agreement for Meetings with My Therapist I, , agree to meet with the therapist named below, time(s) per week starting on . Our meetings will last about minutes. When we meet, we may talk, draw pictures, play games, or do other things to help this therapist get to know me better and understand my problems, strengths, and goals. I understand that my parent (or parents) or my guardian has a right to know about how I am doing in therapy. I agree that this therapist may talk with my parent/guardian to discuss how I am doing. They may also talk about concerns and worries they may have about me. Or they may talk about things the therapist and I decide my parent/guardian needs to know about. Sometimes this therapist may meet with my parent/guardian without me. At other times we may all meet together. The things I talk about in my meetings with the therapist are private. I understand this therapist will not tell others about the specific
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