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[ FORM 20 —Use the top of this page for your letterhead.] Dear , First, let me thank you for choosing me for help with your problems. I intend and expect to provide you with high- quality professional services. Your first appointment is scheduled as follows: Day: Date: Time: A.M./P.M. With: . Please note the location of your appointment: . Your first appointment may take 2 hours or more, because my office staff and I will ask you to fill out some forms. So plan your schedule with this in mind. If you are absolutely unable to keep this appointment, please reschedule it at least 72 hours in advance by calling . It is common for those new to therapy to feel both eager to get going and uncomfortable about starting the process of therapy. Do not let some awkwardness keep you from beginning what you know will be in your long-term best inter- est. If you have some questions and you feel you need answers before this appointment, please call and let us discuss these. I hope that,as in most situations in life,you will find that if you forge ahead,your worries will soon greatly lessen.
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