Form35 - [FORM 35-Use the top of this page for your...

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[ FORM 35 —Use the top of this page for your letterhead.] Mental Status Evaluation Checklist Directions: Rate current observed performance, not reported, historical, or projected. Circle the most appropri- ate descriptive terms in part C, and feel free to write in others. If an aspect of mental status was not assessed, cross out the heading. Write additional observations, clarifications, and quotations in part D. Client: Date: Evaluator: Highest grade completed GED? Special education for ? Primary occupation: Other: A. Informed consent was obtained about: q The recipient(s) of this report q Confidentiality q Competency q HIPAA q Other: B. Evaluation methods 1. The information and assessments below are based on my observation of this client during: q Intake interview q Psychotherapy q Formal mental status testing q Group therapy q Other: 2. We interacted for a total of minutes. 3. Setting of the contact: q Professional office q Hospital room q Clinic q School q Home q Work q Jail/prison q Other: C. Mental status descriptors (Circle all appropriate items) 1. Appearance and self-care Stature Average
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Form35 - [FORM 35-Use the top of this page for your...

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