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Handout5 - tute therapists(in cases of vacation and...

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[ HANDOUT 5 —Use the top of this page for your letterhead.] Client Bill of Rights You have the right to: Get respectful treatment that will be helpful to you. Have a safe treatment setting, free from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Report immoral and illegal behavior by a therapist. Ask for and get information about the therapist’s qualifications, including his or her license, education, training, experience, membership in professional groups, special areas of practice, and limits on practice. Have written information, before entering therapy, about fees, method of payment, insurance coverage, number of sessions the therapist thinks will be needed, substi-
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Unformatted text preview: tute therapists (in cases of vacation and emergencies), and cancellation policies. • Refuse audio or video recording of sessions (but you may ask for it if you wish). • Refuse to answer any question or give any information you choose not to answer or give. • Know if your therapist will discuss your case with others (for instance, supervisors, consultants, or students). • Ask that the therapist inform you of your progress. HANDOUT 5. Clients’ rights form. Adapted from Quinn (n.d.). This document is in the public domain.—From The Paper Office ....
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