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Determination of a Simplest Formula Introduction In this lab we used the mole concept in the determination of the simplest formula of a compound, which for this lab was magnesium. We converted the magnesium metal to magnesium oxide by heating in air, then subtracting the mass of the metal initially taken from the mass of magnesium oxide present after the heating was completed. We could then determine the mass of oxygen in the compound. From our class and lab we know that a simple way is to find the molar ratio in which the elements combine. This gives us the simplest formula of the compound. Mg(s) + ½ O 2 (g) à MgO(s) Chemical Responsibility Magnesium metal Flammable solid Conclusion We first obtained a crucible and cover and washed it with water and wiped it with a towel. Then from this point onwards we handled the crucible with crucible tongs. We then heated the crucible and cover in the full heat of the burner flame for 5 minutes. After heating, we weighted the crucible and the cover on the balance scale (to nearest 0.001 g). Then we added between 0.250g of magnesium turnings to the crucible and reweighed the crucible and contents. The weight of the crucible at this point, minus the weight of the empty crucible, gave us the weight of magnesium used in the experiment. After which we heated the crucible and tilted the cover of the crucible at an angle, so that the crucible’s contents are slightly exposed to the air. When the contents began to smoke, we removed the heat and closed the cover on the crucible. We
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determinationofasimplestformula - Determination of a...

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