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Cookies-Privacy Worksheet - CIS101 Cookies Privacy...

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1. What are Internet Cookies? A simple text file placed on your hard drive by web sites you visit used to store information and later retrieve it. It is the file responsible for your user name appearing in the login box every time you visit a site to make it faster for you to login by only needing to type in your password. Cookies are also used for custom changes a user makes to a site. A shopping cart is a good example because nobody wants to re-add items every time they want to see waht is in their shopping cart. Internet cookies can also determine how many visitors a site receives and how many are new vs. how many are repeat visitors. 2. What privacy settings can you customize for your browser to accept/block regarding cookies? You can set an option to be notified when ever a cookie is sent to you. You can also block cookies. 3. Can you delete cookies? If so, how? If not, why not? Yes, you can delete all content that your web browser picks up from the internet. In the Internet Options window under the tools menu you simply hit the delete cookies button. 4.
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Cookies-Privacy Worksheet - CIS101 Cookies Privacy...

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