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Dr. White DAV 119 (Located in the CAS Dean’s Suite, DAV 100) (727) USF (873)–4559 University of South Florida 140 7 th Avenue South St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 LIT 3374 (SECTION 799) THE BIBLE AS LITERATURE (Old Testament) Catalog Description: LIT 3374 The Bible As Literature -MW (3) AS ENG Major emphasis on literary types, literary personalities of the Old and New Testaments, and Biblical archetypes of British and American literary classics. Fall Semester, Old Testament; Spring Semester, New Testament. Focuses on values/ethics, race, ethnicity and gender; thinking and writing skills. May be taken twice for credit with different topics. May be counted once toward the English major. Course Objectives: This course will acquaint students with basic literary techniques for analyzing biblical texts. Its purpose is to emphasize historical, psychological, and sociological contexts rather than ecumenical or evangelical views. In this manner the discussion should interest students with any or no religious perspectives. “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12) This is a literature course. Anyone whose religious ideology does not permit secular perspectives of the Bible might be more comfortable in another course. However, any student who registers for this course must take responsibility for his or her progress. I offer a Bible as Literature course each semester, and anyone who finds that he or she is not prepared or who has too many obligations can reschedule later. To avoid receiving an “F” for the course, any student unable to complete the course requirements should officially drop the course by the last day to withdrawal without academic penalty.
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Course Prerequisites: None. This course is designed so you do not have to attend any meetings on or off campus. You must have a computer that allows you to open and to read Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point.
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Course Brochure OT Distance Learning F07 - Dr. White DAV...

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