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CIS101 Ethics Assignment Hovering sales clerk replaced by computer 1. I think that measuring how long a person waits in a line is one thing, but to study shoppers and change to what they like is almost making sure you sell more. Studying where a person’s eyes go and how long they look at something is getting too personal. It is bordering infringement on personal rights. Although it is great for some to see what kind of fabric, size, cut and color, most people can’t afford to care about what special fabric their clothes are made of; they are bargain shoppers. 2. The participants are shoppers like anybody else; who can afford to shop at Prada or other known label stores. The article is basically informative and allows for both opinions to be formed. 3. Extreme solution 1: No technology employed in the store means that staff will do things the same way they are doing them now. By hand, old fashioned. The clothing industry will still make billions of dollars every year, but stores will miss out on all that is new and up coming and promised to be money makers. This is the way things are now. Clothes are expensive already. I could leave things this way. I don’t believe that more technology in a store with higher sales revenues will necessarily lower prices on their merchandise. Extreme solution 2: Stores have unlimited ability to monitor consumers behavior patterns and personally keep track of what people look at, what they try on and purchase vs. what they put back. Automatically reinforce good points about products in the dressing room.
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Ethics_Assignment[1] - CIS101 Ethics Assignment Hovering...

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