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Extra Credit Instructions - Each link below contains a...

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Each link below contains a podcast by Raymond Biche from Naxos. Naxos is a classical CD label. The podcasts are all 20 minutes in length and mostly contain excerpts of pieces that are on Naxos cd's. Mr. Biche provides commentary, history, and background of the composers and the music (similar to Professor Woodbury in the videos). Your assignment is to summarize his commentary and comment using description/reaction to the excerpts you hear -- the excerpts won't always be given titles so just identify them by 1, 2, etc if needed. You'll often hear music first and then it fades and Mr. Biche talks and then the music fades back up so just go with the flow in terms of what you hear within the music. You should complete about a page of notes for each 20 minute podcast in sentence format. Title it with which podcast you listened to, followed by summary and description in chronological order through the podcast. You don't necessarily have to make lecture and reaction sections like in the video notes but make new paragraphs for each time you summarize the lecture part and then move on to writing a reaction part and back and forth, etc through the 20 minute podcast. You don't have to write down anything about what CD's the music comes from or the catalog number, etc -- that part is a marketing plug to buy the CD but the podcasts provide a great resource on the music. You need to do THREE podcasts to count towards each extra credit assignment. That's equivalent to an hour program like most concerts and the Bernstein videos. Each complete assignment is worth up to 10 points. Make one document just like the video notes with the three podcasts you choose per extra credit assignment. You can choose any combination of three podcasts for your assignment(s) - you don't necessarily have to listen to them in the order as listed here. They all have brief descriptions about them and
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Extra Credit Instructions - Each link below contains a...

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