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INTRODUCTION TO WOMEN’S STUDIES – FAQs LIST Where can I find updates or important information about this class? Leisa will utilize the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of Blackboard to let you know of any important information or updates pertaining to this class. You should check regularly for updates and read anything posted to “Announcements” thoroughly and often. How many quizzes are given in this class? You will have 6 quizzes in this class, including a syllabus quiz that must be completed before you start any other work. There will be one quiz per week and they will be available from Wednesdays at 12:01am through Saturdays at 11:59pm . There are no make-ups, so please do not miss a quiz. The second week quiz will cover materials from the 1st and 2nd weeks of assigned readings, but then the third quiz will cover materials from the 3rd week, the fourth quiz will cover materials from the 4th week, etc. The quiz format may include any combination of multiple choice questions, fill-in-the- blank/definitions and short essays. They are designed to test your understanding of the readings. The quizzes are open-book, but timed (roughly 40-60 minutes per quiz). If you go over the time limit, you will be penalized by losing points. Multiple attempts are not allowed. If your browser closes for some reason, you must reenter the system immediately and resume your quiz because the timer will continue as though you are still taking the quiz. Any problems you encounter should be directed to your instructor immediately. I recommend preparing for the quiz in advance (by completing all your readings) because the questions will not be easy to simply look up quickly. . When are exams and quizzes available? Quiz #1 (Syllabus/FAQs): Available Sunday 7/1 (6am) – Thursday 7/12 (11:55pm)* Quiz #2: Available Wednesday 7/11 (12:01am) – Saturday 7/14 (11:55pm) Quiz #3: Available Wednesday 7/18 (12:01am) – Saturday 7/21 (11:55pm) Quiz #4: Available Wednesday 7/25 (12:01am) – Saturday 7/28 (11:55pm) Quiz #5: Available Wednesday 8/1 (12:01am) – Saturday 8/4 (11:55pm) Quiz #6: Available Wednesday 8/8 (12:01am) – FRIDAY 8/10 (6:00pm) *Quiz #1 is available longer than the others to allow for Drop/Adds, but it is recommended that you take it ASAP. You are not permitted to take Quiz #2 until this one is completed. How do I take an online test or quiz?
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