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Final Project Instructions - MUL3001 Issues in Music Fall...

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MUL3001: Issues in Music Fall , 2006 Final Project Instructions: Live Concert Review DUE : Monday, December 4, 2006 Project Overview You will attend a live classically oriented concert in a performance hall. Choose a concert using the provided guidelines below. Your written report will focus on three pieces of your choosing within the concert. You will research information on the background of the chosen pieces according to a list of provided questions, write a brief biographical sketch for each composer of your chosen pieces, and complete a thorough descriptive and reactive analysis of each composition (including individual movements if applicable). Many concerts will have more than three pieces, for the other pieces beyond your three chosen ones to focus upon you will still complete the description/reaction part as in your homework assignments but do not have to complete biographical or background info for them. For a concert that only has one lengthy masterpiece an event such as an opera performance then you should expand your background and biography sections to be roughly equivalent of three full outlines as well as completing description/reaction for the different movements or acts. There will be many variants of this depending on the concert you choose to attend. Questions or clarifications about your concert program can be addressed in the “FINAL PROJECT” folder in the Discussion Board area. Choosing a Concert There will be a folder in the discussion board listing various approved concerts. With so many people out of the Tampa Bay area though you may find the need to locate your own concert. You must receive permission first to use a concert not in the approved listings – post information about the concert you wish to attend in the final project folder on the discussion board and it will be checked. You will need to choose your concert using the following guidelines if it isn’t already approved: ± The concert must be a classically oriented performance. Pop/Rock groups, folk music, jazz bands, etc are not acceptable for this project. ± The performance must be a ticketed event in a concert hall or venue such as the Tampa Bay Performing Arts
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Final Project Instructions - MUL3001 Issues in Music Fall...

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