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CIS101 Flowcharting Worksheet This worksheet will help you better understand flowcharting.  You will use  Microsoft Word and the Flowcharting Shapes available from the Drawing Toolbar  to create your flowchart.  Include your name, section number and a piece of  clipart in your flowchart document. Submit your assignment using the method requested by your instructor: Using e-mail, attach your flowchart document to a message sent to  your instructor Save and print your flowchart Create a simple flowchart on how to make a three topping pizza assuming you 
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Unformatted text preview: have all the ingredients (including pre-made dough) and are in a fully equipped kitchen. Be sure to include all of the following shapes in your flowchart. Your flowchart should contain at least ten shapes. Be creative! Include all major steps of the pizza making process. Start Combine Ingredients for dough Roll out dough Add pizza sauce? add cheese? add other toppings? add pepperoni add other toppings? add chicken add other toppings? add pineapple add other toppings?, no place in oven cook for 15-20 min. (time depending on oven) pizza finished? Yes Enjoy (End)...
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Flowcharting_Worksheet[1] - have all the ingredients...

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