gant - Jean Baptiste Lueillet tie Gent by Arthur “'mhurj'...

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Unformatted text preview: Jean Baptiste Lueillet tie Gent by Arthur “'mhurj' Jean Baptiste Leeiliet de Liam, hum .Itilg.r E, 1533 in Ghent, Belgium. was. a member of: family wheeze business um: music. Seine ufthe men-there cif'thie Eaniihr wm‘: “ll—know as enmpmem 1nd perfnrmere dining the 11m anti emu-13.r part ofthe litth century: Hewevet, HIE-3f were net as well-mm [[5 mine {if their enntempmfltu [Ft-anemia. 'ii. Anteiiiin Vivaldi, Jehann Selim-rim Eaeh and George Friderie Hamlet. far example}. flit-3r were typical eifthe prefeeiniimal musicians nfthe time-amplified by royalty tei 'pq‘fl'r'idl: elm-tam musical divefliclns Fur the family. 1:!- g'we mueie lea-um tn thew ehildren and other members- eil'the anathema {ale-n lht'g' beget-t giving lessens ID the. daughters nt'rieh magi-nears]. In filer].r I'tir state minus and m prm'if'it: written mus”: fur themeeltreii and other professin musician: to play. Unfortunately. then has been a. great deal tire-:mfuajun euneeming the biugraphieit Df'lhls T.L‘|-l'.‘-1"tL'-'i. Due in the feet that infiniiuatien abnut this Flemish family ni‘musieims me not carefully reetirded in the earl}: years. historians began tn eunfuse the biflgflqflfltfi efflte t'mrtihtr membertt. many times nnt mum; that there were outer: in the. family.r with uimila: net-nee. These errors have been picked up and repeater! by later historians anLL eeniiequentlir, the reference materials: flblflll this i'tu'liil'lilur boil-Elmo confusotl. This ounJilion was rootifiotl 1o'th Boigim musioulogist Dr. Paul Bergman! in the 192m uni-strolled tho mystery and not whody amigo. The most well-lotowo offlto Loeiliets is Jean Baptiste Loeillet oflondon [MED-113D}. He was a cousin oi'Joan Baptiste LoeilIet "of Ghost“ [do [anti—the composer we are concerned with iioroumrl is slightl].r older. Historians also eonfuood the lmdoo Loeillet with his own yo'tuige-r brother, Jacques Iooii'lot (1635-11-16]. Hi were composers, harpsichordisls and proficient on wind idol—minnow. Thur: is a. limiter oomp'lioation oilh'lrsrilnu oftho family has]; i.o.. L‘ floille'l. Luh'. Lulli. Lullio 311d lull)“. Which onusod some historians to confltsotl the l..ooille1s with the more Famous French msslorr Josn-Eoplisto Lul1}I [1632-37]. Arid ii'thst wasn't enough, there was on older hmthor. Piano LooliloL an uncle Pierre Errunanuel looillot and the father oflhc [notion Imuc‘t, Jean FmWia Lo-oilllo't—all munioiarul arson-mo unto. The soiution to this problem has been to separate the two Looiilets oftho same name by calling the most well-known Looillet “Jean Baptiste Looillel oflondon," or 'John Looiilel of London." Tho cousin who spent most ofhis life on the confluent is now referred to as "Jean Baptisto Looiilel do G-snt" {offlhontt Grooms: the hmihflrk and urqu eon he keg-rt squat: by refoning tn limit difl'orom first namos. The scarcity ol‘hiognphical material oausod the problem in tho first place, and Dr. HH‘E‘I‘I‘LHI‘I! research has con-outed I11: simstion, but researchers must he Balcl‘tll to read only till: most tocont references. Further, on error of attributing s oomposfliou by John Lootiiiot flfLontion to the famous Lullg.I of France, has also been set straight. Joan Eioplisto Looiliet do Gum was in the sonic: oftho archbishop of terminator1 France. the Isitir whore he died in NED. Lllre his hotter-known oouirinI he 1Wrote a simii'iesuu nmniior of ohsmbor works. 11iese silo-tits are similar in instr-omonlstion to those 'Wfii'ltt'l by his London cousin Mich Intrisifli'ail'li}r contributed to tho original confusion. Ho publish-so throo books of l l sonatos. Ell-sh fur flwdor and homo continuo, opp. [,2 too It {fishnet-clans, c. 111+], 1TH, 1115, Homo}: also. he published rwo hooks offi sona1es each for flute, oboe. or trioiin anti hosso Wminuflt GF- 5 [WW3- His music WEI!- typica'l for tho limos and has been very popular with nit—minions and audiences down-I through tho centuries. ...
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gant - Jean Baptiste Lueillet tie Gent by Arthur “'mhurj'...

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