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MBA Foundation Courses (Maximum 15 credit hours: May Not be Required) BADM 530 Principles of Business Statistics 3.0 hrs ECON 540 Fundamentals of Economics 3.0 hrs ACCT 550 Principles of Accounting 3.0 hrs FINC 560 Foundations of Finance 3.0 hrs MKTG 570 Fundamentals of Marketing 3.0 hrs Foundation Course Descriptions BADM 530 Principles of Business Statistics (3.0): This course introduces the foundation of probability and statistics used in management. First the course covers the basics of data analysis and display, descriptive measures, random variables, and probability distributions and then Introduces statistical inference and its use in decision-making. The course seeks application-oriented understanding of regression analysis and develops the ability to design, estimate, evaluate, and interpret statistical models. Prerequisites: None ECON 540 Fundamentals of Economics (3.0): This course explores the application of microeconomic theory to management decisions and examines the consequences of macroeconomic policies upon
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