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mozart - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart bar Arthur Wandhury Mann...

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Unformatted text preview: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart bar Arthur Wandhury Mann ia regard-mi hy mam.r as 111: “1:51 unwran :nmpnau in T11: hismm :fWutnm muain. H: :x:=1l:d in any m:dinm :urrnm in bi: liIIH: IE:-.=.-y-:|::La.1l;l.r in :hamh:r muai:, lh: piano l:th and in lap-:11}. Hi3. mama-n: music, distinguish-5d In; its m:le beauty, El: fnnnal pufactmn and if: rinhnm in harmnny and mm, in amply :nlnmd h}- Italian cup-Ha , hm at 111: Ram: rim: Inna-nugth mud in Austrian and .m-uth (int-man nadilinn. I]: was lawn. in Salaburg, hum-in 1111 January" 21,1156 and dind in Vinita, hush-in EH: chmbcr 5,119111: was 24 yams younger than Haydn and 15 F651?! :ldm Ihan Butt-mm, and in :maidnmd I: b: mmibk. aim]: with 111:5: nibcr two mpmm Im- havlng brnughl 1.11: Vienna: Elana-in] ml: In it: highnnt Imi IIE' acmmplialnnnnl. A. pminm child, 1:: ma :nmmagnd 11:]: his fumes-1 Immld, In pcrt‘nrm in public at Ill: r:;:n‘]'..I nan nl'i Hus chain“: lal:nla altracled the allcnlinn armm. IT: v.35 alrcady camp-trains mmi: whm 11: was fnur. Wnll'gang's Tamar mmgniarri 1h: potnmial I’m finanninI gain imdialnly. H: began I: arm-Lg: tn ahnw nl’f'his ann's lain-115 and abilities. 111: :nlir: famin net nfinn a tnur aim: landing musical :antm at" Flu-an: 1'11 1153. 111nir trawl: 1:0]: mm lhmnEJ-I Gummy, Belgium. Franc: and England. Wolfgang's sister. Nani-tori. was also musical and. together the two children played [or the royal corn-ts. for any public officials who would listen and. in additiom presented public cortoerts. People Were astounded, cspecially impressed with young Wolfgang. He was rhoniughly tested by the leading musical authorities ofthe time fine official report. by the philosoer Dairies titan-inmostr described in giro-ring terms the young Moran's ahilili as art irnprotriser. It was noted that the young prodigy could name any note played. that he played both harpsichord and ttuiolin flawlessly and that his compositions. as corrected by his father. were ofan merit {[eopold arranged fortwn ol'WoIfgang‘s keyboard sonatas to he puhlished timing the family's stay in France}. Wolfgang‘s schooling was restricted to the tutelage of his father. This included not only music. but other subjects as well. There were three trips to Italy with his father transect-t the your: use and 1W3. They did a lot ofsightaening. attended many concerts. met famous composers and musicians, had an audience with the wipe and, of course. Wolfgang confines-d his composing, His music was surprisingly mature for one so yomsg. During the years ll'l'at through WEI Mozart was in the employ oi'lhe Archbishop of Ealzbtsrg. a man with whom Moran had a great deal of difficulty. in order to better his career oprortlntities. the young composer tmveled to lt-Ilannheirn1 Paris and Munich in search oflnother furnitinn. He was refund in Munich. In Mannheim. the authorities. after a month ot'marsetnrering, finally told the young cmnposer that they had no positionto offer him. lie continued onto Paris whens things got worse. His mother. who wast hayelling with him during this trip. died there in luljt.I of ITTE. "this, coupled with an unfavorable musical climate. forced the young composer to return to Batching. Alter some years of struggling with the Salrhin-gjoh. Mozart had a stonrry irtten'iew with the archbishop. He asked to be discharged and. was released. This enabled him to do who: wanted to do all along. move to Viernta. He snowed there in ITEI. The most significant composition from his Salaburg days was the opera. lderneee'e. which was finished early in I‘l'ltl. Most ofthe music Mozart is famous for was composed in Vinson, where he lit-red Fro-tn ITS] until his death [feast rheumatic fever} in IN]. During this ten-year period he produced the Shrrnpiiorrr'ss M3. 3‘5 (The Hatfield. l'l'fll; No. 35" in Eh, 1733'. No. 4i? in Gr minor. 1'4"“; and No. at! (The Jupiterl,i?53. These are his host known symphonies. Mao. he wrote the opens: The rld'flrrtrtge ofFigtar-o (ITEM. floo- Gintro'm'ri {113?}. Cosrfisn run-s (1WD) and The Miami: Ficus {H91}; plus. from this period comes no less than 1? Piano Concertos, which he wrote l'or himself to play. The famous Claw-ms: Concerto, another far-1min composition. was completed in 13'91. Mozart wrote a great deal of significant chamber music. The famous Hayes: {dedicated to the famous commler} String Quartets [there are :5] were Written between [TE and ll'tti. Probath one of the most famous pieces of chamber music ever mitten. the flier-toe: Quintet {clarinet and string quartet), was completed in ITEH. Eight of his most well-known violin sonatas are from this period. as well as 29' separate piano compositions—and this is only Fraction of the compositions that he wrote. all ofthen-t worth playing. The standaan are extremely high in all his music, even the early pieces. Moran is not onlyr one of the most highly regarded composers in Western music history, but perhaps one ofthe most prolific. He never seer-rind to have to re-write anyfltinig. Music flowed from his pen in an unending flow. Sometimes he would not even hcithcr with a sketch hm write out the final score in inlt as. it occurred to him. In the rniraia ofsome. he was the supreme genius in. all music. it'not one of the supreme artists ol‘all time. ...
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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, regard-mi hy mam.r, (int-man nadilinn., ldm Ihan Butt-mm, mpmm Im- havlng, mm lhmnEJ-I Gummy

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