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final for hum 205 - the following points in your analyses o...

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You are a world-renowned art historian and author with the ability to time travel to any period of history. For your new book, you travel to three periods of your choice to gain a firsthand account of the culture and arts of that time. Your book is a collection of your analyses of artworks based on your firsthand experience in those periods and cultures. While you are time traveling, you select one work of art from each period to analyze in your new book. The pieces are ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION , LATE 20TH CENTURY ,Early 20th century. Would you be able to help me with this? It is due tomorrow night. Write a 1,750-1,900 word paper that represents three chapters from your new book. Each chapter will contain an analysis from the period you selected. Remember to write in the firstperson perspective of an art historian who has experienced the periods firsthand. Address
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Unformatted text preview: the following points in your analyses: o The art form (visual art, architecture, literature, or music) o The purpose of the piece o The individual or group responsible for paying for or commissioning the piece o How the piece was made o The meaning of the work and what it expresses or reveals about its creator o The aspects of the civilization and its cultural development that the piece represents o The transhistorical links to the artwork How art and culture from previous civilizations influenced the piece How the piece is related to artwork within the same civilization How the piece still has meaning and value in modern-day cultures Cite all references used according to APA standards. Format your paper according to APA standards....
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