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online assignment 4-4-1

online assignment 4-4-1 - MasteringPhysics Tutorials...

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MasteringPhysics Tutorials, Chapter 21 MasteringPhysics tutorials assume that you have the formula in front of you. Open your book to the Chapter Summary on page 751. Many questions can usually be answered by examining or using the formula. Resistance and Resistivity Use both R=V/I and R = ρ L/A . List all of the physical quantities (letter symbols) in these two formulas. The given conditions are that both wires have the same voltage applied, V , so that can’t be different and both are made of the same material (copper) so their resistivities, ρ , can’t be different. Thus, the other quantities may be different. Dependence of Resistance on Resistor Dimensions Ranking Task Use R = ρ L/A . You are not given ρ but you are give L and can calculate A . For example, imagine current is traveling along the x- axis and enters the 4 cm by 10 cm face of the block. It will travel through 3 cm of the material. So, call the resistance along the x axis Rx . Then, 3cm 3 4cm 10cm 40cm L Rx A ρ ρ ρ = = = × Now, do the same computation for Ry and Rz and rank the three answers. Kirchhoff's Loop Rule Conceptual Question You just had a lab exercise on “Measuring Voltage”. Recall what you learned there about voltage. Kirchhoff's Current Rule Ranking Task Imagine the wires in the circuit to be pipes. Current is the same as water flowing through the pipes.
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