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4) I don’t think device is very accurate to measure flexibility. It was very difficult to place the goniometer at the axis of rotation of the joint and have the arms aligned with long axis of the bones. The goniometer arms would not exactly align when they were place on the axis of rotation. So therefore, error may have resulted in the measurements. The Electrogoniometer would have been a more accurate device to use. As it is more sophisticated device. 7) When calculated my A-W ratings are equal so therefore, I would be classified as a balanced physique.
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Unformatted text preview: This asses my relative musculoskeletal development. My exercise levels are good since my W rating is not lower than my A rating. However, I m not moderately that athletic which would mean my W rating is higher than my A rating. However, when calculating my health benefit rating I was classified under “ very good” which is good . But there is always definitely some room for improvement....
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