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Kinesiology 142 GENERAL LABORATORY INSTRUCTIONS 1) All students are expected to be in the laboratory on time and ready to work. The doors to the lab will be opened at 20 minutes past the hour. 2) At the beginning of each laboratory session, a short pre-lab quiz will be held and then the operation of new and unfamiliar equipment will be demonstrated. 3) Unless advised to the contrary, students should normally come to the laboratory dressed in gym strip i.e. T-shirts, shorts and running shoes. For certain experiments, subjects will be chosen one week in advance so that they can come to the laboratory properly prepared. 4) Handle the equipment carefully. However, if you do damage something, please inform the laboratory personnel so that it can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 5) Clean up after yourself. All equipment should be returned to the exact place from which it was gathered in a clean, neat, and usable condition. DO NOT REMOVE EQUIPMENT OR TEXTBOOKS FROM THE LABORATORY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 6) Because of limitations in time, personnel and resources, make-up labs will not be allowed. Legitimate excuses for
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