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BIS101/Engebrecht Homework06 1. The following DNA is part of a gene that codes for a polypeptide of at least seven amino acids: 3' c a a t t g a t t a g t c a g t c a a t t g a t 5' 5' g t t a a c t a a t c a g t c a g t t a a c t a 3' Please see codon table on next page to answer the questions below: a) Which strand includes an Open Reading Frame? Top (T) or Bottom (B) B b) Which DNA strand is the sense strand? Top (T) or Bottom (B) B c) Give the mRNA sequence that would be transcribed from this gene; label the 5' & 3' ends. 5’ g u u a a c u a a u c a g u c a g u u a a c u a 3’ d) Give the seven amino acids that would be translated from the correct message; label the C
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Unformatted text preview: & N ends. N- Leu – Thr – Asn – Gln – Ser – Val – Asn – C 2. A number of mutations affect the expression of the lactose operon in E. coli. Complete the table below. Use + to indicate that the enzyme is synthesized at greater than basal levels, and – to indicate that the enzyme is not synthesized at greater than basal levels. - Inducer + Inducer β-galactosidase permease β-galactosidase permease a) I + O + Z + Y +- - + + b) I s O + Z + Y + - - - - c) I c O + Z + Y + + + + + d) I + O c Z + Y + + + + + e) I s O c Z + Y-+ - + - f) I + O c Z + Y-+ - + + I c O + Z-Y +...
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