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Homework07bkey 2. Sequence analysis of an unc gene in C. elegans reveals that it encodes for a myosin, a component of muscles. As a good geneticist, you are interested in understanding the nature of the different alleles of the unc gene. You PCR unc from your different mutants and subject them to sequence analysis. (15pt) One allele changes an alanine to a lysine in the middle of the open reading frame and thus is a __ missense__________ _ mutation. Another allele has a nonsense mutation at the 5’ end of the open reading frame; you conclude that this is a __ __null________ ___ mutant. Analysis of one of the mutants reveals that it is coordinated at 20 0 C but uncoordinated
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Unformatted text preview: at 25 C, this indicates that this is a _ conditional_____ allele. Sequence analysis of a fourth allele reveals that extra DNA has been inserted into the gene. The mutation is most likely due the insertion of a __transposon_________ _. Surprisingly, the allele in the last mutant, upon careful genetic analysis, reveals that while the worms are uncoordinated, they can now swim, something never observed in wild type. This allele must be a _ _gain-of-function__ mutation. 3. In most organisms, what must happen in order to ensure the proper segregation of homologous chromosomes at the first meiotic division? Homologous recombination...
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