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BIS101-001/Engebrecht Spring 2010 Outline02Lectures3-4: Sex-linkage, human genetics, mitosis, meiosis Reading Chapter 2, 42-58 in 8 th edition or Chapter 2, 61-75 in 9 th edition. I. Sex-linked inheritance a. Sex determination (chromosomal control). Homogametic sex = the sex with homologous (same) sex chromosomes (e.g., XX); Heterogametic sex = the sex with heteromorphic (different) sex chromosomes (e.g., XY). a. Drosophila genetics and nomenclature b. 1910- Morgan: Reciprocal crosses II. Human Genetics and Pedigrees-see Handout03HumanPedigrees a. Autosomal recessive b.
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Unformatted text preview: X-linked recessive c. Autosomal dominant d. X-linked dominant III. Dosage compensation = mechanism by which species with sex chromosomes ensure that the activity of loci on the sex chromosomes are equalized. Genetic consequence of X inactivation. Reading in Chapter 3/73-80; 90-103 in 8 th edition or Chapter 2, 42-61 and Chapter 3, 102-109. IV. Review of Mitosis V. Review of Meiosis Please see Handout04Mitosis/Meiosis VI. Chromosomal basis for inheritance-Morgan and Bridges experiments that proved chromosomes were the carries of genetic material....
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